ARC celebrates Tutor Appreciation Week

From Oct 6-10, American River College will be celebrating national Tutor Appreciation week, a week designed for students to show appreciation for their tutors.

The Los Rios District has celebrated the event for each of the last ten years. Several districts nationwide have also participated in the event.

The event is designed for the various kinds of tutors, including individual, online, beacon, as well as group tutors.

Every year beacon coordinators like Araceli Badilla shows how much she appreciates all the hard work tutors must go through by hosting lunches for them and also presenting them with gifts. Last year’s gift was a tree with paper leaves that students and “tutees,” as the tutors call them, can write out who their tutor is and thank them.

William Huntley, who currently tutors mathematics in the Learning Resource Center, says he has seen potlucks, candy, and even Chipotle given to tutors.

“It’s nothing huge, but it is nice to be recognized and thanked for the work we do,” he says.

When students move on from their tutors, some still come back to visit their old ones.

“When you are a tutor, especially a Beacon Tutor, students around campus recognize you and say ‘hi’ and occasionally stop to ask you a quick question. I’ve had students who I haven’t tutored in over a year come up and ask me questions or just say ‘hi’,” said Huntley.

High schools are also taking part in this event, not just College districts, and Badilla says she wants more people to be aware of the event.

“I want awarness on a global scale, not just on campus,” said Badilla.

For more information on national tutor week, go to, or see Badilla in the Learning Resource Center.


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