Professor Leonel DeLeon reacts to scores on rate my professor

How often do you check the website?

I only check it once every five years. I hear people talk about it for themselves.

How do you feel about your rating?

I think it’s great for the positive ones. The ones that are poor don’t know what are they’re talking about.

How do you feel about the feature “Professors Strike Back”?

I think that’s a good idea, so the professor’s voice (is included) as well. I don’t know if I would ever type on there. Only if I got a really, really bad rating that was ridiculous.

Do you think the bad ratings have any influence on how you teach?

If there were a lot that were consistent, I would have to change that.

How do you think ARC is rated on “Rate My Professors”?

I would probably say it’s good. Some of the teachers are pretty good here. There are a lot of teachers in the math department are a lot better than I am. I have observed them.

Do you have any advice for students how to use the website?

I would not use it just alone, but I would it use it in conjunction with talking to students in person. You never know what people are going to write it in. I would balance it with other things.

Do you have any experience using “Rate My Professors” personally?

I never really cared too much to look at it. I just do my job and do my best. I think all good students say good things about me.


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