ARC hosts Tools of Trade for Future Success


Matthew Peirson

Tools of Trade showed many organization skills and tools to help students and their academic success.

Matthew Peirson and Matthew Peirson

The Learning Resource Center hosted a Tools of the Trade presentation on Sept. 17 as part of the Student Success Workshop series, which is held to help students improve their academic well-being.

Cheryl Howell, the speaker at the event, is currently a DSPS (Disabled Students Programs and Services) instructional assistant at American River College.

During the session, Howell emphasized organization as the most important assets to your success.

“Organization and structure are actually taking control and making choices,” she said.

Howell started the speech by handing out binders to the attendees, calling them a“crucial” tool for organization and structure. She also handed out schedule papers to help maximize time management, annotation kits to help with leaving notes, and spoke of the importance of flashcards and repetition.

“Repetition, color, and connections … that’s really what you need,” Howell said.

Teresa Gorss, a child development major, attended the presentation after failing consecutive classes she needs for her major.

“I turned out to get an A in a child development class, but then failed the next two (subsequent courses). I wanted to see if there was another way I could organize,” Gorss said.

As the meeting went along, Gorss said she gained more clarity and a better understanding for what could be used as a tool for furthering her education.

“Some (organizational tools) I didn’t think about … but as we went through, I realized they were tools (I could use). And I like having things to the letter. I’m an organized and structure kind of person,” she said.

Howell said her goal is to reach out to students.

“The biggest component is helping individuals become successful students. Success can be one little easy thing away; a student can go from struggling to breezing through it,” Howell said.

The next Student Success Workshop is on Tuesday, Sept. 30, from 1-2 p.m. in LRC room 104, and will also be presented by Howell.