Student Center Starbucks hosts district managers for product launch


Brandon Nelson

By Sri Sherrell

Sri Sherrell and Sri Sherrell

A coffee and treat-tasting with Starbucks district managers was held on campus at the Student Center Starbucks on March 24 as part of a planned introduction of the new “La Boulange” product line.

Managers from as far away as Las Vegas and Reno attended the tasting to sample coffees and baked goods.

Brenda Smith, Starbucks’ Las Vegas district manager, said the new food program is “a premium food product that matches being healthy.”

 One of the highlights of the menu at the gathering was the flourless chocolate chip cookie.

Other items on the menu include a blueberry oat bar, an eight grain roll, a cranberry-orange scone and an apple fritter.

Lynn Vanderschuur, the Starbucks manager at American River College, orchestrated the event, displaying a variety of coffees and treats.

Vanderschuur, a Starbucks high-ranking coffee master, has a reputation for holding these decadent tastings.

Back in November, Vanderschuur seized the opportunity to surprise the managers with a three-course meal with compatible coffees for each course.

While the dinner commenced, Smith tweeted the event, opening the floor for people to marvel at Vanderschuur’s work.

Smith and other managers have been going around from campus to campus checking the status of each Starbucks shop.

The program has been added to several of the Starbucks across the U.S. and has finally been green-lit to become a part of campuses as well.