Worldstarhiphop fights: Informing or entertainment

A video of a confrontation, suposedly over a pair of shoes, from WSHH

Antionette and Natasha Honeywood

By Antionette Latrese and Natasha Honeywood

The usage of the Internet is higher than it’s ever been. Digital and social media have become a huge part of our lives, and it has become more common over the years for individuals to habitually indulge in popular social media sites to alleviate their boredom.

Among these popular sites is WorldStarHipHop, a hip-hop site and video blog that caters to urban youth and rakes in over 1.1 million unique visitors a day. WSHH is mostly known for the brutal videos that are uploaded and posted by its users on a day-to-day basis.

A vast majority of the videos posted on the site are of street fights that do not result in a “happily ever after” ending. Rather than giving a hand to people that are in a fight, onlookers are quick to whip out their cell phones to capture these possibly life-threatening moments.

When asked to reveal the worst fight she’s seen on WSHH, nursing major Bailey Barrino replied, “A really bad one … a girl was, like, bleeding from her eyes because she got scratched from the other girl’s nails. It was pretty bad.”

Although incidents such as that one may sound gruesome to some, it is a video that would normally receive a large number of views from people who like to watch violent videos.

A fight that has recently gone viral is a very hard one to watch for some, as it shows the brutal attack of a 16-year-old female. The teen is punched in the face and is continuously assaulted, even after falling to the ground and being kicked in the face by her attacker.

This attack took place Nov. 19 and was subsequently posted on Instagram, but has since been taken off. The video can still be found on WSHH.

The female recording the fight can be heard egging on the fight and once the punches were thrown, the camera doesn’t get put down to save the girl on the ground. Instead, the fight continued to be recorded and was eventually posted on various social networking sites for the whole world to see.

According to, the attacker has gained social media fame for her assault. On Nov. 26 she had 400 new followers on Twitter and by Nov. 27 she had 25,000+ followers.

Jaymri Adams, sports medicine major, feels that some of the videos shown on WSHH could be helpful on one hand, showing our youth what they shouldn’t be doing.

On the other hand, Adams also believes that because young people are so impressionable, the nonsense they witness taking place in the videos could likely cause them to mimic what they see.

“I actually have seen [on WSHH] a dude beating up a female,” said Adams.

Incidents like these leave society to pose questions of exactly when has someone gone too far and when are mindless acts of violence no longer entertaining.