Mediocre meals in the student center


Two slices of pepperoni pizza, a medium soda, a bag of Doritos and a Gatorade are available for purchase in the food vending section located in the student center. (Photo by Brandon Nelson)

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson

From the moment you walk into the student center cafeteria, a wide array of smells draws your attention from the wide assortment of dining choices in the cafeteria. Subway, pizza, salads and options from the grill are made fresh, and even more options fill the shelves. The new electronic signs show the bounty before students even get their food.

Bio-mechanics major Cameron Cannon bought two slices of pizza with a medium Mountain Dew.“ It was good,” he said.

The two slices of pizza with a medium drink combo costs between $6 and $6.30. The slices are fairly large and the cost can be kept within a college student’s budget. However, some students disagree.

“I got a burger once,” said Phillip Grey, an engineering major. “I only got it once because I don’t have the money right now. It’s too expensive.”

There are choices for students who don’t want to partake in the cafeteria options. “I mean I don’t really eat much here,” said Aleksey Nestesivkovich, “but Subway is an OK quality food that is something you can get on the go.”

“It’s better than the other places on campus, so it’s good,” computer engineering major Igor Blazhvich agreed.

Despite the choices available, some students would like to see more variety. “What I would change is what they have on the menu,” said Barry Frazier, a student working in the Center for Leadership & Development. “That’s a really big complaint of the people: what’s on the menu itself. It’s the same thing, it’s really repetitive and it would be kind of nice to change it up.”

One idea is to use the culinary department’s help in providing more choice. “Because we are paying for it either way we should have better food,” said nursing major Daisy Sanchez. “We have a culinary arts program so I feel we should have better recipes.”

It’s not just students who use our food services here on campus. Many of the vendors around campus also purchase food. Mark Zapanta, who works at California Family Fitness said, “it’s pretty cool and convenient.”