Club day fun


Adnan Ramic

Students of ARC participate in the campus-wide Club Day held on Sept. 19. Club days are held on the third Thursday of the month. (Photo by Adnan Ramic)

Natasha Honeywood and Natasha Honeywood

CAEB provides space for student voices

In case you were wondering why you saw students walking around in grass skirts and with leis around their necks on Sept. 19, the first club day of the semester, it was because club day always has theme.  The theme for September was “beach day.”

Club day is a great way for students to find out what they can be a part of on campus and to get to know their peers.  You can find club day in the new student center area near the book store every third Thursday of the month from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Students also have a chance to showcase their talents at an open mic session from 11:30-1:30 p.m. Winners get prizes such as ARC hoodies, but those who don’t score the big prizes still get trinkets for participation.

ARC student Susie Dickerson likes the idea of club day. “I would always get a list of the clubs but they were some that were inactive. Club day is a great way for me to know what clubs are actually out there”

The Clubs & Event Board President Jeremey Diefenbacher wants the students to know there is still a place for students to get their voices heard.

“The CAEB is half of the branch of the Associated Student Body. There is a lot of discombobulation going on in senate right now but that isn’t the entire Student Association and there is another half of the ASB that is functioning strong,” Diefenbacher said. “We’re still here, we are still organized and we are more people working together than just the 5 senators that are trying to get it together for their president. I just think it is very important that the students know that there is still a place where they come and their voices can be heard and that we are all working together to see ASB reunited and stronger for the future”.

The next club day, to be held on Oct. 31, will be pirate-themed for Halloween. CAEB hopes to construct a pirate ship with plenty of games and prizes. If you have time during passing periods or want to show off some of your skills at open mic then club day is a great place to start.