ARC Campus Java City moved again this semester


Jonathan H. Ellyson

The Java City snack bar display was relocated to the front entrance of the gym. (Photo by Jonathan H. Ellyson)

Jonathan H. Ellyson and Jonathan Ellyson

Starbucks lines have been long during the semester, especially during peak hours. Not only is the wait time in line rather long, but the time it takes to receive your drink only adds to the wait.

Many students have forgotten that there is an alternative to the long waits at Starbucks: Java City.

Last semester the Java City had been moved to the food trailer outside Davies Hall, The American River Stop. This semester the food trailer is no longer in use. Posted on the outside is a sign saying that Java City has been relocated to the front entrance of the Kinesiology building.

The number of customers they have been receiving is surprisingly low. According to Kimberly Marshall – a Java City employee – the move was ordered due to maintenance on the River Stop trailer and she doesn’t know if they will be back at that location anytime soon. Marshall said, “It’s been really slow because no one knows we’ve been relocated over here.”

As of right now in addition to the flavored coffee and blended beverages you know and love, the Java City serves breakfast burritos and doughnuts in the morning. The American River Stop used to also serve cheeseburgers and sandwiches for lunch, but no longer does. Marshall said the reasoning behind removing lunch was the completion of the cafeteria student center. Aramark is the vendor who provides all our campuses food, and it appears it’s phasing out Java City from our campus.

The main differences between Java City and Starbucks are the shorter lines, the faster service time, and the punch card. If you park in the new parking structure or in the stadium parking lot, and need a caffeine fix before you start your day, try the Java City.