Low cost flu shots available on campus


Jasmine A. Jones, a 29 year-old art/new media major at American River College, shows off the flu shot she got Sept. 10. She believes she caught the flu last year from using shared computers on campus. Jones says the shot is very affordable and she will tell other people about the clinic in the Student Community Center.

Nikita McGee-Davis and Nikita McGee-Davis

Low cost flu shots were made available to all students and faculty Tuesday, September 10 with sponsorship from the Sutter Visiting Nurse Association and the American River College Health Center.

“It is open to the public so anyone is welcome,” said registered nurse Dee Michilizzi.

Susie Shields and Michilizzi both registered nurses from the Sutter Flu and Wellness Center who volunteered to provide information about influenza and give vaccinations. The standard flu shot costs $20 and the preservative-free flu shot is $30.

Birds and mammals spread influenza, which is also known as “the flu”. It may be confused with other illnesses because of its symptoms, which are chills, fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headaches, coughing, fatigue, and a general feeling of discomfort.

The nurses say people tend to shy away from the flu shot because they think it causes them to get sick but Shields uses facts to put patients at ease.

“It’s kind of a myth that you can get it from the shot because the shot is not a live virus,” said Shields, “All it does is get into your body so your body can recognize it and build up the immunity to kill it.”

When asked if he wanted a flu shot professor Fred Evangelisti of the Electronics Department and lightly joked, “No, but I need one!” as he sat down to fill out the required paperwork before he paid and received his vaccination.

The friendly environment and easy process was very comforting even to those who admitted they were afraid of needles. Shields and Michilizzi believe in going the extra mile for first time patients or anyone that has had a reaction in the past.

“We always ask if they’ve had a flu shot before,” said Michilizzi, “and if they’ve had a reaction we have them wait ten minutes or so, so we can make sure there’s not going to be problem.”

The Flu Shot Clinic will resume September 11th in the Student Center Community Room from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call the ARC Health Clinic at 916-484-8383 for more information.