Tips and Tricks for New Students


Zach Tierney

ARC students wait in line for help at the administration office.

Long lines, heavy traffic, and cramped buses are all typical of the beginning of the semester. Whether you are a new student or a returning student, plan ahead to avoid the rush.


Get to school early; even with the parking structure, spaces fill up fast. Your best time to find a parking space is before 8:30 a.m. By 9 a.m. satellite lots fill up and drivers going into the structure can take a while to find a place.

Don’t assume a place to park will be available immediately before your class starts. It can be very hard to find a spot. Drive cautiously in the parking structure, and watch for cars constantly turning corners and backing out. The quickest way to cause an accident is to be moving too fast while not paying attention.

Riding the Bus:

Plan ahead; buses can run up to 25 minutes late. It’s better to take a bus and be at school early than to risk being late for class. Buses are also really crowded during peak hours.

Long Lines:

Whether you’re trying to get your access card and Universal Transit Pass, or talk to a counselor, it’s going to take you some time. Some of these offices are open on the weekend, but most students access them during the week. On school days it’s hard to beat these lines without waking up at dawn and waiting for either office to open. Be prepared to wait at least 20 minutes in line. You won’t be able to stop in quickly and then head right to class.