College tech through the ages

Today’s students can’t imagine functioning in college without computers, laptops, smartphones and other such devices.

Hand writing out, or worse, typing out long papers on a typewriter, has became history. Nowadays, the words such as iPhone, iPod, tablet and e-book are as ubiquitous as Mickey Mouse.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to say that Internet is a most important invention in life of modern students. Just a decade ago the Internet was pretty much different from now: slower speed made a student’s researching very time-consuming in addition to smaller amount of information available.

“Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have used search engines for research. Today they became the major source of information for me in all of my classes”, – says ARC student, Stanislav Pributkovsky. “I use Internet to find formulas and constants for my physics class, find solutions for particularly difficult integrals, and learn syntax of the programming languages. Internet is my library, tutor, and facts checker. It allows me to find what I want instantly.”

Stanislav is majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, he considers a

Graphic calculator as a greatest tool to help in his study. “It is my savior in a classroom.  With everything I can do with my calculator, it saves a lot of time.”

Websites and digital text are taking leaving print in the dust. Students have a great opportunity to save by getting an online educational resource instead of much pricier and heavier printed edition of required text.

“New popular educational websites were designed to educate and encourage students. I consider Khan Academy as the most successful one. There students may watch literally millions of videos on a broad array of subjects starting from history and to thermodynamics”, – said Pributkovsky.

It is hard to imagine modern student who don’t know how to type, use a smartphone, read electronic texts (either on computer screen or devices like Kindle). Iryna Lysyy, ARC graduate, says she got the Kindle that to be able have her textbooks in the pocket.

Note taking is crucial thing for students, but now it is possible to use a voice recorder (unless you allowed to) for taking notes and camera to take photos  of what is is depicted on a board.

However, technology is also a double edge sword for students. They may use it to learn or to cheat. Therefore, academic honesty became even a more critical issue than it was ten years ago.

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