What TV show are you most looking forward to watching?


Devon Duncan

Major: Business

“Sons of Anarchy” because it teaches a lot more about politics and about surviving in the life and what everybody goes through.



Charlesetta Hughes

Major: Early Childhood Education

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” I like to see that rich people have problems too.




Julia Norman

Major: General Education

Probably “American Idol.” I really like the concept of it. It’s some small town people becoming huge celebrities.



Marlana Glassna

Major: Certificate

“Breaking Bad.” Mostly because everyone in my house watches it, so it’s like a family thing.



Ashley Lokke

Major: Music

“Grey’s Anatomy” because it is a wonderful medical drama.




Dave Redfield

Associated Vice President of Construction and Learning Resources

Probably the “CSI” series. Typically it has some problem solving in it, but my wife likes “Hawaii 5-0” because it is a remake of an old show.

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