Take this class: Jazz 310


Bryce Fraser

Students from the Intermediate Jazz class show off their skills. On the left is Malene Wohlford, on top is Jenna Miller, on the bottom is Hanna Yanni, and on the right is Deatra Shields. (Photo by Bryce Fraser)

Shelby Young and Shelby Young

Today’s popular music blaring through the speakers, feet moving to the beat and bodies sliding across the wooden floors – Intermediate Jazz 310 is the class to take if you’re a dance freak or someone who enjoys watching “Dancing with the Stars.” Their motto is “we don’t steal, we applaud.”

Sunny Smith is a full time professor of dance. She also teaches a ballet course which is offered at American River College as well. Intermediate Jazz 310 is her favorite class because she gets to see dancers improve.

Jazz 310 is a technique class that focuses on areas such as turning, jumping and stretches. Students get to learn these methods for any type of dance such ballet, hip-hop or classical. Jazz dance incorporates all types of dance. Students get to watch other people who are better in hopes of improving themselves. Intermediate Jazz is offered during all semesters.
Students are required to do three to five combinations: one being hip-hop, one lyrical, one concert and one musical theatre. They are required to dance solo for a good grade.

“You are an athlete as a dancer,” said Leene Spiritdancer, who is majoring in dance.

“Intermediate Jazz is a very supportive class. People are less terrified to get up and present something on their own. The music is a lift in the day and changes your mood,” said Intermediate Jazz Professor Smith.