Dos and Don’ts for College Freshmen

Dos and Don’ts for College Freshmen

Steven Paxiao and Steven Paxaio

There are many differences between high school and college, and these differences are apparent starting with your first semester in school. With these new ways of learning, there are many things that freshman need to know about what to do and what not to do to succeed while attending college.


1.    Do make sure you plan ahead and stay organized. This means making a schedule of when different assignments are due, and also what time and day each class is. Not only will this ensure that you will be in class on time ready to learn, it will allow you to schedule your own personal life around your schooling.

2.    Do get enough sleep at night and eat healthy. It’s been proven that the brain obtains information better with at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and at least three meals a day.  This may not be what some wish to do, but it sure does beat nodding off in class to a noisy stomach.


1.    Don’t think that college is just a time to rebel against your parents.  Partying is a very huge part of the overall college experience, but every single night of the week isn’t going to get you past your first year.  Sometimes you have to just put the ping pong ball down and pick up a book and study.

2.    Don’t over stress about the little, meaningless things.  Whether your hair isn’t totally perfect or you forgot to update your Facebook status, students need to be more dedicated to their schoolwork.  So next time you find yourself spending more time on social media sites than reading your textbooks, just remember that statuses will come and change but a college degree lasts forever.