Spiritual student reads tarot cards


Steven Condemarin/ARCurrent.com

Dana Fraire, an American River College student, teaches tarot to students in her Carmichael office. (Photo by Steven Condemarin)

Megan Houchin and Megan Houchin

When she was only 8 years old, American River College student Dana Fraire noticed her special abilities. She would lock her young self in the bathroom and meditate in the mirror until she became able to step out of her body and see herself. This is when she first had an understanding that her body was a vehicle for her soul.

Now a tarot card reader, spiritual advisor, empowerment coach, and natural intuitive, Fraire has been refining and developing her skills on her own since she discovered them 43 years ago.

Throughout childhood, Fraire was able to determine the character of people whom she had just met. “I always kind of knew about people,” remembers Fraire. However, being raised by a Catholic family and working in the fairly conservative profession of dentistry, Fraire kept her skills hidden for most of her life and wouldn’t come out publicly. “I was kind of concerned that people would judge me,” she admitted.

At 26, Fraire got married and had one child. When she was living in a house with her husband and son, they often had “visitors” from another realm. They would hear strange noises and the children in the house would talk to the visitors, but Fraire dismissed it as her imagination.

But one morning in 1990 around 4:30 a.m. when everyone was in bed there was a surreally loud running sound throughout the house. Fraire could no longer refuse the existence of another realm and finally accepted her abilities.

In 1997, when Fraire’s marriage was going through some rough times, she decided to visit a tarot card reader. When the reader presented incredibly accurate and detailed information, Fraire was impressed and went out to buy a set of cards for herself. It took about one year for Fraire to learn how to use the cards and develop her own method of reading, which she shared only with friends and family.

In 2001, Fraire experienced a life-changing dream. A nine-foot-tall, translucent angel appeared before her with fair skin, a white gown, big blue eyes, and auburn hair. She led Fraire to a room where seven or eight people were seated at a table. While they weren’t verbally speaking, Fraire knew they were talking to her. She wouldn’t know exactly what they were saying to her until weeks later.

“They were telling me something was going to happen to me and (asked if) I am willing to stay on this earth, regardless of what happens, because I’m not going to be the same.” After being denied any further details, Fraire finally agreed.

When she woke up, Fraire just figured she had an unusual dream and went back to sleep, only to reenter the same situation. “That’s how I kind of knew this was not a dream,” said Fraire.

Two days later, Fraire was in a head-on collision with a semitrailer and suffered a large amount of damage to her body. The doctors kept her in a drug-induced coma for a week and during this time Fraire realized “the agreement that I made telepathically” with what she believes were her spirit guides. Through the experience, Fraire says she gained the ability to understand messages telepathically, even in her earth-bound life, but won’t utilize the skill until a client agrees.

Fraire remained incapacitated for six months and it took three years to fully recover. During those years she did a lot of reading. “I came to the understanding that I was here for a reason. So I started exploring that reason. What that led me to, is offering my services to others who need me, so I started coming out publicly.”

Fraire was offered a position as a tarot card reader at East West Book Store in 2006. When the store closed, Folsom’s metaphysical store Planet Earth Rising contacted Fraire and offered her a position as a reader, a position she still holds.

In 2010 Fraire opened her own business, Love and Light Healing Center, where she offers tarot card readings and teaches classes on how to read. Though her center is relatively unknown, she is able to maintain a clientele and her classes remain overflowed. Fraire attributes her success to her unique symbolism-based style and accurate predictions. “It’s kind of easy to be an intuitive, to actually understand what’s happening with somebody; that’s not the hard part. The hard part is the prediction. And that’s what everybody comes to you for,” said Fraire.

Though Fraire has a strong belief in an afterlife, having several first-hand experiences, and is an ordained minister, she is sure to remain objective when giving readings and welcomes all clients. “I pride myself on being open to all religions,” said Fraire.

Despite her hidden talents, Fraire is an astonishingly normal ARC student. Her appearance in no way betrays what she can do. Fraire is returning to school to pursue a degree in world religion and become a chaplain.

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