Take this class : Intermediate Ballet

Name of class: Intermediate Ballet in Physical Fitness
Professor who teaches: Sunny Smith
What semesters is it offered? Spring and Fall
What makes this class so interesting?

Intermediate Ballet is geared toward intermediate to advanced dancers who want to work on moves or tighten up rusty technique. Students work on basic to advanced ballet in the class, but instructor Sunny Smith said all genres are welcome from hip-hop to classical.

Staying in shape appeared to be inevitable as the dancers moved for 60 minutes doing pliés, jetés, and pirouette’s, however, “networking is a good reason to join the class,” Smith said.

Ballet at American River College can give students the experience to explore the world of dance by introducing them to the tight network of dancers, “We live in a small world where people know each other,” Smith said. “But we perform on a big platform.”

The class gives students the opportunity to perform and be seen, an important ingredient to success according to Smith.

ARC student Emily West, 20, wants to dance for the Sacramento State Dance Team.  “I used to take dance,” West said, “I’ve missed it and I want to get involved again.  I’m hoping this will help.”

ARC student, Deatra Sheilds, 22, is focused on classical training and says she is using this class to keep on top of her technique.

Some of the immediate opportunities for dance students are the upcoming dance performances on May 11 and 12 at the ARC theatre, admission is five dollars. Also, auditions to the on campus dance company, which holds tryouts at the beginning of each semester.

Whether a dancer wants to improve their ability or network with other dance companies, ARC’s intermediate ballot offers the instruction and direction dancers can use to improve technique and advance aspirations.


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