American River College gives blood


Chuck Livingston/

Blood source busses lined up in the ARC parking lot.

Shelby Young and Shelby Young

BloodSource put on the Blood Drive, held on March 6 and 7, on American River College campus. Three vans were set up near the tennis courts, where students could donate their blood.

According to Lee Fairly, BloodSource volunteer, the blood drive is an event to get blood from volunteers for all local hospitals. Blood being donated is for people who need blood or blood products. Blood donors can also sign up to give bone marrow.

“You can be a part of saving three different people’s lives,” Fairly said. “It’s very important (to give blood) because there is a huge need for blood in this area. We need lots of blood.”

Students should be well rested, drink plenty of liquids, preferably water, and eat a good meal before giving blood. They should also not participate in active sports for at least a day and half afterward. Donations can only be given every eight weeks.

According to Ray Sisco, a student at ARC, says giving back means something to him. “I don’t have time to volunteer my service being a full time student, so it’s an important act to give back.” He likes how easy the donation process is, but he dislikes it when he doesn’t eat beforehand. He has donated two gallons of blood so far, and recommends fellow students donate as well.

Josh Hernandez, a student at ARC, is a volunteer for the blood drive. “I’m volunteering for my community because I saw this as a good opportunity for me to get out here and get active. Plus everyone needs a little blood.”
BloodSource serves schools about every eight weeks. Donate and get a free T-shirt.


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