Do you need a refresher on library etiquette?

A group of students violate proper library eitquette in ARC's computer lab.

ARC students often overlook these simple rules for being cool and keeping quiet.

The library: a place where music and laughter go to die.

There’s nothing exciting about it, yet it remains a hot spot for many students like 21-year-old Omar Lopez, “It’s the only place I can go where I can actually get any work done.” It’s perfect, no kids or distractions, just the sweet sounds of pages turning and pencils breaking. You don’t even have to buy a cup of coffee to stay.

Suddenly, in walks the student who never learned the meaning of “quiet time.” It’s the worst; moments away from finally solving that tedious 2-page math problem and your distracted by a Lil Jon ringtone. How do you come back from that?  So save yourself a few awkward moments in life and learn the top five library etiquette rules:

The Facebook Addict

Checking your Facebook before even brushing your teeth in the morning is bad, but hogging up the computers in the library to update your status is just selfish. Computers are in the library strictly for school purposes, not for personal reasons.
Just admit it if you do and repeat after me: Hello, my name is _____ and I am a Facebook addict.

The Pusher

No, I’m not exposing some secret drug ring. I’m talking about those annoying people who constantly click their pens as if they’re sending a Morse code message to the librarian. Save yourself a trip to the nurse’s office and try using regular pens with caps before you get carpal tunnel.

Turn Off All Phones

Ever wondered what Tupac meant with his song “All Eyez On Me”?  Just have your cell phone go off in a room full of sleep-deprived students. We understand, it happens, put it on vibrate and we will pretend it never happened. But when you actually answer the phone and start lying to your mother about where you were last night, be prepared to have a book fly your way.


Oh no she didn’t, why of all places would you come to the library to gossip?  I’m sure your weekend was better than mine, but no need to rub it in. That’s what Facebook is for.

Guess That Smell

Slowly unwrapping your Subway sandwich isn’t helping, I can smell it three desks down.  It’s like watching one of those bad food commercials except you can’t turn it off and you can’t look away. The library provides outside tables for people like you, so take your take-out outside.

Maybe you’re guilty of poor etiquette or maybe not, but always respect the library and the other students who use it. Make your mom proud and always use your manners.


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