Valentine’s Day for singles

Valentine’s Day is about love, but does it have to be a romantic love? If you’re single, celebrate platonic love, self-love, or just love of life. If you’re single and wondering what to do this Feb. 14, well, don’t stress; here are a few things to consider:

MOVIES – No chick flicks! Most couples plan extravagant dates for Valentine’s Day, but even if some couples do decide to make this day a movie date, most couples will likely resort to seeing love stories and dramas- To stay out of the mushy scene, it’s best to opt for an action-packed movie or a thriller. Suggestion: “Safe house,” featuring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

SPA — Make this day a time to relax, and treat yourself. You get your own room to relax and receive your service, so you are only obligated to see other people in the waiting room. Some people do choose to get couples massages, but normally they give them as a surprise. This is good for singles because it means the couple still has to coordinate their schedule. So, there is a good chance the spa won’t be packed on Valentine’s Day. Suggestion: Mellow Me Out – 916-485-2SPA (multiple locations).

COOKOUT — Have a singles cookout. Get all your single friends together at one of your favorite parks and enjoy the single life. Bring meat and all the fixings for a barbecue, or turn it into a potluck-style event. Have a ball or two playing basketball, football, or even Frisbee. Doing group activities will allow everyone to be involved in having fun and keep their mind off being alone. Suggestion: William Land Park — 3800 Land Drive.

ART GALLERIES/ MUSEUMS — Visit a gallery or museum and let your mind drift into wonder. Or just increase your knowledge of the visual arts. Don’t be afraid to make this a group event and hold your own discussion board for each showpiece. Suggestion: Crocker Art Museum — 216 O St. or The Urban Hive — 1931 H St.

COMEDY CLUB — Instead of going out to eat and being surrounded by canoodling couples, try a comedy club for your evening entertainment; it’s perfect for groups or solo. The atmosphere is not romantic so if couples are in attendance there is less of a chance of being annoyed by their actions. Like they say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Cure your single blues with comedy. Suggestion: Punch Line – 2100 Arden Way.

CLASS – Take a class. Try a cooking course, improv, or art class. Take this opportunity to cross off one of the goals on your to-do list or just to do something out of your ordinary routine. A cooking class will teach you new cooking techniques while preparing a solo Valentine’s Day dinner. This is also a way to stay out of the restaurant scene. Suggestions: Good Eats Cooking Classes – 522 N. 12th St., 916-498-9804.

If cooking is not your thing, zone in on your inner actor and try an improv class. Although improv is full of laughter, it also has drama. The activity will allow you to release those withheld feelings in a positive way as you relax and have fun. If you don’t like to be on stage, then go for an art class. Self-expression is still an option as you learn to create visually captivating paintings and sculptures. Suggestion: Sacramento Comedy Spot – 1050 20th St.

If class efforts don’t give the satisfaction that is wanted, just remember this is also an opportunity to make new friends or just network.

Celebrate being single, don’t mourn being alone.

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