Opinion: College is your choice, don’t expect a handout

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Many college students are preoccupied with the notion that the world owes them a lifetime handout through adulthood. The real world doesn’t work that way, and neither does academic responsibility at the college level.

Too many times walking around the American River College campus or just being out in public, conversations can be overheard among people complaining of things that will inevitably happen as a result of taking several units during a semester.

Students complain too often of assignments they can generally assume will come by taking a certain class, such as multiple essays in an English course or lab work in a higher level science course.

In addition to this, many students are quick to blame professors for being “hard” with their coursework or “mean” to them.

Entitlement is defined as having a right to something. Going to college and furthering personal education is a choice, not something forced upon people.

Again, the real world doesn’t work in such a way where everyone is going to be friendly and help out with any and every difficulty that is encountered.

It’s called being an adult, and dealing with adversity can be instrumental in personal development and maturity.

Fighting every task or situation instead of getting through it has little to no effect and is a waste of time.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy, and people need to support themselves rather than look for someone to swoop in and save the day.

Sure, that research paper may be a pain right now while balancing other classes and work, but think of the big picture.

Is that eight page research paper going to mean anything in 10 years in the career and life you worked so hard for? Not likely.

So instead of pouting about having to balance tonight’s math homework with studying for next week’s test, accept that sacrifice will be worth it in the long run.

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Matthew Peirson
Matthew Peirson is a third-semester student on the Current, where he serves as Co-Managing editor. He previously served as the Co-Sports editor and the Opinion editor. Matthew is majoring in broadcast journalism and plans to transfer after graduation.

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