ARC health center is a great thing to have on campus

The American River College Health Center offers confidential services. Many of the services are free. (File Photo)

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The confidential health services that the American River College Health Center offers are substantial, and further the school’s effort to support and protect its students, faculty and staff.

It provides everyone a sense of comfort and a reliable place to go to seek health services.

The health center offers health screenings, immunizations, tuberculosis skin testing, titer tests to check immunity levels, pregnancy testing, birth control, STD testing for both men and women, emergency contraception and an array of other services.

Community colleges have the largest populations of low-income students, who are generally more at risk of health related issues, or who are uneducated on safety and prevention due to their economic and social circumstances.

They are more likely to engage in high risk behaviors, so it is appreciable that ARC offers a place to go.

College students aren’t necessarily the richest people and some may not have medical insurance; with ARC offering these services, not only are they providing students with a place to go, they are acting as a place of protection, support and learning for little to no cost.

Providing health screenings and testing for everyone are great offerings because it is so important and necessary for people to be updated and aware of their state of health.

ARC offering these services shows that they want to inform, guide, educate, and care for the wellbeing of everyone.

They not only provide health care but also educate and promote wellness.

They provide educational materials, referrals to other outside community resources and information on how and where to get health insurance.

Since the ARC health center is acting as a safe haven for all students, faculty and staff, students should take advantage of the services they’re offering and not be afraid or ashamed to seek help.

Tuberculosis testing, immunizations and titer tests are the only services the health center offers that aren’t free.

The health center is located in the administration building at American River College.

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