Letter to the editor: Praise from student president


Dear Editor,


I’d like to once again thank the ARCurrent for bringing exciting, informative journalism to the students here at American River College. You’re champions with ink! I love reading the things that you all write and I encourage you to keep up all the good work! I saw John and Walter outside today covering the Medieval Battle Club, taking pictures and asking questions. That’s good journalism if you ask me. Taking interest in what the students are doing is what promotes students to keep doing positive activities. We need this and once again, I must commend the ARCurrent for empowering students and informing them that there are these positive, extracurricular activities that they could participate in. I don’t have the exact statistic, but I’m sure in a book somewhere, it’s written that extracurricular activities increase overall GPA. So it follows, from this logic, that the ARCurrent is increasing student GPA by promoting extracurricular activities.


Keep up the good work! Please let me know if there is anything I can help the ARCurrent with. And also, Jordan is doing a great job so far covering the Associated Student Body Student Senate meetings.



Garrett Kegel


Student Senate President

American River College Associated Student Body