Letter to the Editor: Job well done

First I’d like to commend the American River College Current for being a valuable student resource. Your organization brings important issues, stories, and opinions to the student populace.

I was once told by a political science professor that democracy can only be effective when the governed populace is enlightened and informed about the issues that are present and occurring. The Current does very well in bringing forth valuable and relevant information, especially in reference to the articles about the Associated Student Body Student Government.

Although there may be members of each of the respective boards, CAEB and Student Senate, who disagree with articles that have been written by members of The Current, I can say that the articles say exactly what any ethical, respectable media entity should write about. The Current is doing their job. The Editors are doing their jobs. You all deserve praise for your hard work and dedication to promoting awareness of issues concerning students and most importantly, enlightening and informing our local American River College student populace.

For this, I thank you for promoting democracy, I thank you for promoting free speech, and most importantly, I thank you for advocating for the individual student who may feel unheard or misrepresented.

Garret Kegel, vice president of CAEB and director of activities for ASB Student Senate

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2 Comments on "Letter to the Editor: Job well done"

  1. This op-ed reminds me of George Bush Jr.’s comments towards the former FEMA director after his handling of Hurricane Katrina: “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

    The recent criticisms of The Current have been timely and thoughtful, and hopefully these recent op-eds should be taken as a learning experience for these aspiring journalists. They don’t need an endorsement from power, they need to learn from their mistake and not give hatred a platform.

  2. why don’t you write about the corruption at ARC, people who just hire from their churches, friends, friends and more friends, also wives hubbies, and sleep with the pt help.

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