Letter to the Editor: Anne Taylor

Current Reader

Dear Editor,


Last week I picked my first copy of American River Current.
I was pretty shocked to read the first Campus Pulse comment “I would take you home with me, It wouldn’t be crime, you would go.” A student who would like to abduct people? How charming. In a paper with an attempted rape headline on the cover of the paper, I thought this was a rather inappropriate comment.
Indeed, the whole Campus Pulse topic was an ill-considered choice. The final student stated that he would commit a violent crime against the president. Don’t you know that people get arrested for making comments like that? Yet here you are publishing it under the guise of “humor” for anyone to read? I really wonder where your sense of responsibility is.
You might want to reconsider the wisdom of publishing comments which could get students into serious trouble, especially when the comment is accompanied by a photo and a name.

Anne Taylor
Nutrition Major