How to deal with ‘Frenemies’

Deanna Dokes and Deanna Dokes

Do you have that one friend who you can’t stand because he or she is beyond obnoxious and rude? That one friend who cuts you off in mid-sentence and pays no credence to what you’re trying to say? We all have a frenemy. A frenemy is a friend you really can’t stand, but face-to-face, you are cordial and nice to them to keep up the façade of a friendship. It is a tiring process to hold on to a friendship with someone who you may not even like. Here are some steps you can take to slowly break up with your frenemy.

Take some time away from the friend.
Spend less time with your frenemy.  Hang out with your family, hang out with your other friends, or hang out with a book.  Taking time away from the friend might make you realize one of two things: Either you never really needed to be friends with them, or you don’t have any other friends so you should work out the conflict so that you’re not forever alone.

Be Honest
Stop beating around the bush and just be real with the frenemy. Tell the frenemy that you’re tired of his or her attitude and behavior toward you. A confrontation might arise, but at least they’ll finally understand your issues with them. You never know, your friend might feel the same way about you. This is a way you can try to fix the friendship instead of just ending it.

Continue the friendship
A friendship is based up on trials and tribulations. If your friendship is important to you, you should try to work out any kinks in your relationship to make it work.

End the Friendship
If you tried taking some time away from your frenemy, and even opened up to them, and they’re still as annoying as ever; it is time to end the friendship. Ending a friendship could potentially be a hard thing to do, especially if you’re ending a friendship that’s endured for years. You might even enter into the “friend withdrawal” stage because you’ve never done anything by yourself without your sidekick/best friend around. However, would you rather be by yourself or with someone who is harsh, inconsiderate and pouty?


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