Senate introduces three new bills at Tuesday’s meeting

Members of the Associated Student Body Student Senate introduced legislation at this weeks meeting to fund a trip to the Spring 2015 General Assembly, a veteran’s advocacy awareness day and a Rock the Vote program.

The Spring 2015 General Assembly of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges will be held in Ontario, California between May 1 and 3. The legislation introduced allows up to six students and two advisors to attend to the tune of $7,500.

The General Assembly was a source of controversy last semester after two high-ranking members of ASB were sent home early after an incident “regarding substances,” according to ASB Student Senate Director of Public Relations Cameron Weaver.

The Rock the Vote legislation is intended to promote participation in the student body elections to be held April 14 and 15. If passed, Senate would spend up to $15,000 on “shirts, signs, materials, food and needed supplies.”

According to Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB Student Senate president, “it’s to promote voting not just in the election (but so) we have a voice in the state of California and nationwide.”

Added Dunning: “We have a common theme: vote.”

Finally, Sen. Garett Kegel introduced a bill to allocate up to $12,000 on a veteran’s advocacy awareness day.

The veteran’s advocacy awareness day on April 17 is being put on by the Veterans Club and the Veterans Resource Center.

Senate also appointed two new members for the committee to oversee the elections: Jeff Gonzales and Cassandra Harvey.

Neither were present at the meeting. Gonzales was on last year’s elections committee.

It was following the meetings of that committee that Jorge Riley’s election to the ASB Student Senate presidency was invalidated without the administration or ASB giving a reason.

ASB Student Senate Vice President Leslie Milan Fisher brought up that there was another theft on the Arcade Creek trail and wants to bring about a solution.

Fisher proposed an ARC text messaging system so students are in contact with one another at all times.

Petitions for the upcoming elections have begun. ASB will announce on March 24 who will be running for student government.

The Senate applications for General Assembly at the Ontario Convention Center must be submitted on March 27 by noon.

Fisher also brought up the idea of active enforcement of the school smoking policy during public comment.

“We’re already a non-smoking state where we have regulated smoking areas…Why are we non-compliant with the rest of California?” said Fisher. “We should be fair to non-smokers who are allergic and don’t like smoking and have designated areas for smokers.”

Added Fisher: “Senate has not made any concrete plans with smoking enforcement…We have to be in alignment with what the district days.”

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