LRCCD plans for full return to campuses in spring 2022

The district says there may be a “new normal” for return


Students browse the booths near the Student Center on Welcome Day at American River College on Sept. 13, 2018. In an email sent by LRCCD Chancellor Brian King on May 3, the LRCCD plans to have a full return to campuses in spring 2022. (File Photo)

Heather Amberson, Managing Editor

The Los Rios Community College District is currently planning for a full return to campuses by spring 2022, according to an email sent on May 3 by Brian King, chancellor of the LRCCD. 

The district plans to have a full return to campuses, even though that could possibly look different.

“We are currently planning for a full return to campuses in spring 2022 with the recognition that our ‘new normal’ may look different than what we have all been used to,” King said in the email. 

According to King, the decision-making will be made based on the most current health information and existing policies with labor partners. 

The district plans to keep everyone updated in the time between now and the spring 2022 semester. 

“Much will change between the now and the time that decisions for the spring will need to be finalized, and we will continue to work closely with stakeholder groups on all of those discussions and keep everyone informed along the way,” King said.

According to American River College President Melanie Dixon, science is going to determine how the spring 2022 semester will look. 

“The science piece is going to determine [if there will still be any COVID-19 guidelines to follow] as we move closer,” Dixon said. “Some of those conversations coming out of the work with scientists will determine whether those regulations, through the CDC or our counties, will be updated. If they update, we update.”