New ARC tool helps navigate around campus


The Wayfind tool helps students navigate the American River College campus and avoid construction. (Photo by Jennah Booth)

Alexis Warren

Before the fall semester started, American River College Communications sent out an email informing ARC students and faculty of a new online tool to help ARC attendees find their way around campus.

The Wayfind tool displays a big map of the ARC campus with names of each building, parking lot, structure and areas that are under construction. At the top left corner are two boxes where you select your location and below that, your destination.

Once you’ve selected both, a red line will appear showing the route through the campus, which will help get you from your starting location to your destined location.

Journalism major Serena Claborne wasn’t aware of the new tool, but she said she found it beneficial for ARC’s new students.

“I think it’s good for newcomers because some people don’t know how to get around the campus and find different places, clubs or classes,” Claborne said, “so it’s good for them to know exactly where to go without having to struggle.”

The tools design was originally started by ARC’s Design Hub and brought to the Information Technology department, who then launched it over the summer so it would be ready for students and faculty in fall 2019.

ARC’s Public Information Officer Scott Crow says the available version of the tool is a development in progress. 

“Right now we’re just focusing on buildings. We’re in version 1.0. Version 2.0 will be better, version 3.0 will be better, etc,” Crow said.

You can access ARC’s new tool here