ARC monitors creek levels for flooding


A student walks across the bridge over Arcade Creek as rain causes the creek to flood nearly over the ridge at American River College on Feb. 26, 2019. (Photo by Patrick Hyun Wilson)

Jennah Booth

With rain expected through the rest of the week and a flood warning issued for North Central California through Thursday, the American River College administration is monitoring and preparing for how the weather — and potential flooding — may affect the campus and surrounding areas.

Flooding may affect traffic on Winding Way, a road that borders the southern part of the school and many use to get to campus, so ARC is closely monitoring the Arcade Creek water levels and are prepared to notify students and staff if necessary, according to ARC’s Public Information Officer Scott Crow, who spoke with the Current via email.

“We encourage the campus community to travel safely in this wet weather. Please allow a little extra driving time and watch out for standing water on local streets,” Crow wrote. “Please also be aware that Arcade Creek near Winding Way is running high. Traffic along Winding Way might be impacted by creek levels. Please be safe out there and be patient with each other during this storm!”

Due to the nearby creek, Crow said that ARC has standard protocols in place in the event of a flood, like sandbags for certain areas. The school monitors the water levels closely to determine if and when they need to act on those protocols.

According to the Sacramento County Alert System, the standard flood level for the ARC Arcade Creek area is 76.34 feet. The creek reached flood levels early Tuesday before lowering back down for the rest of the day. The creek measured just inches below flood level Tuesday evening, at 74.53 feet around 10 p.m.

The Arcade Creek pedestrian bridge behind ARC was fully submerged underwater Tuesday afternoon.

The Arcade Creek pedestrian bridge was fully submerged on Feb. 26, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Scott Crow and the Los Rios Police Department)

According to the Los Rios Police Department’s Emergency Procedures page of their website, the LRPD or college administration will make the necessary preparations in the event of severe weather or flooding in the area.

“If the college is in session, campus evacuation will be considered and directed by Los Rios Police or college administration via the Los Rios Alert system as necessary,” according to the website.