American River Review asks for funds from ASB


Associate Student Body President Rebeca Rio-Chavez runs the ASB meeting on Oct. 12, 2018. (Photo by Breawna Maynard)

Breawna Maynard

The American River College Associated Student Body Student Senate met Friday, Oct. 12 to discuss the Bill F-17 that would grant the American River Review money for its production cost, office space and materials for ASB officers, the Bill F-18 Parliamentary procedure, and food pantry access on satellite campuses. All eight committee members were present.

Students of the American River Review spoke out during the public comment. They proposed to the board the reasons senate should approve their bill and what the money will be going towards.

According to Review students, it is a very successful program and the magazine has won many national awards competing with different community colleges and also four-year schools, such as Stanford and Harvard. The Review is funded by donations and it costs $14,000 to produce a 1,000 copies each year.

The Review also explained that all of the money raised goes towards producing the magazine, a release party and going out and selling the magazines but promoting the educational aspect is just as important to them.

Student Senate announced to adopt the bill with no objections from the board so the bill was passed.

The Student Senate then proceeded with unfinished business regarding office spaces and materials for ASB officers. This bill addresses more spaces for the ASB offices in any location on campus and to seek funding for the minimum of four new offices. With a vote of 5-2 between the board, the bill was adopted.

The Senate also passed Bill F-18 Parliamentary Procedure. The bill is to potentially take action on not exceeding $2,000 for the Senate’s budget for this fall semester. No objections were made and the bill was approved.

The idea of having the food pantry more accessible on McClellan and Natomas satellite campuses finished out the meeting.

Senator Laurie Jones moved to expand the food pantry to ARC satellite campuses with herself as chair and any members that were willing to join her and it will be reported back Nov. 9.

Adviser Frankie Johnson said that the food pantry is already in motion on other satellite campuses.

“It is not happening now but it is already in the process of ordering food to take to any place on campus,” Johnson said.

The next ASB meeting will be on Friday Oct. 19 to finish reviewing more bills for the semester.