Black Lives Matter protest in front of Sheriff’s department

Black Lives Matter protesters stand outside of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department on Nov. 3. They were protest the failure to indict any of the officers involved in the killing of Andriene Ludd and the congress campaign of Sheriff Scott Jones. (Photo by Jordan Schuaberger)

Dozens of Black Lives Matter demonstrators Chanting “Scott Jones, we don’t want you” were gathered in front of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department holding signs that read “Justice for Adriene Ludd” and “End Police Terror” early this morning.

The protest was against the district attorney’s ruling that cleared three Sacramento County Sheriffs of any wrongdoing in the killing of Adriene Ludd and against Sheriff Scott Jones who is running for congress according to BLM organizer Tanya Faison.

What began as a traffic stop turned into a car chase. After a stand-off with police, Adriene Ludd was shot 13 times by officers after he pointed a weapon at them, according to the DA’s report.

“We’re basically wanting to see what happened, that’s what we’re fighting for,” Faison said. “The story changed about three or four times after it happened and there were a lot of inconsistencies that didn’t add up.”

Faison said that Ludd’s family has been fighting for over a year to receive a police report, an autopsy report, and to release dash cam videos.

“If what you’re telling us is true, then show the family it on video,” Faison said. “Since you’re not willing to do that and you’re hiding the video, then we think you’re lying.”

According to Faison, Jones is responsible for over $15 million of taxpayer money spent on lawsuits against his department. Jurors awarded more than $3.57 million in damages to four female sheriff’s deputies who claimed discrimination and preferential treatment in the department.

“There’s a video on YouTube of him talking about black folks,” Faison said. “He’s comparing black folks killing each other to black infant mortality saying ‘What does it matter if black folks are killing each other or not?’”

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  1. I think they should include the preclusion of Sacramento’s law enforcement community of confidential paid informants (CPI’s). These informants are exactly not that: informants for they give contrived and false information to law enforcement rather than actual, credible tips on criminal activity. In fact, in many cases the CPI fabricates the “crime” itself himself; the only crime is the CPI giving the false information to the detectives or officers merely in order to be awarded drugs and money.

    Until law enforcement discontinues the use of CPI’s we’ll be forced to read headlines like this in the news near daily. No? Ever wonder what kind of crime and time the victims of police shootings had? What kind of information do the police and detective worry about being divulged? Or the victims’ gang leaders? Many times those are one and the same.

    Always a good example is the Krysiak/Oberlies fiasco in San Diego that resulted in this:

    What a terrible crime!

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