A collaborative meeting for Student Senate and CAEB


CAEB President Justin Nocholson (left) listens with Ashlee Nicholson (right) to introductions from the board at the Sept. 20, 2016 meeting in the board room. (Photo by Robert Hansen)

Mychael Jones

The American River College Associated Student Body Clubs and Events Board (CAEB) and Student Senate met on Sept. 20 in a joint meeting.

They prepared for the Welcome Day and Greek Week celebrations, and Student Senate had commenced their meeting about funding bills for the ASB.

Student Senate President Valencia Scott read off the bill F16-02 in which there would be discussion to “possibly take action on the allocation of $600.”

The $600 bill was postponed during the meeting, however, due to a disagreement from Sen. Julian Lopez because there was an unclear decision on a parliamentarian to be voted in.

The voting decision was 3-2 for the bill to be discussed in a later meeting.

Advisor Juan Blanco opened up discussion about the upcoming Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) event on Nov. 11-13 at the Lions Gate Hotel Conference Center.

ARC is a part of SSCCC’s Region II board, and in the past, student senators have been a part of this event.

The Club Day event, also known as Welcome Day, takes place Thursday and has a “Greek Week” theme. CAEB Vice President Mary Stedman said she has positive expectations.

“This is a day where we can get together as a school community and unwind from classes. Welcome Day and Club Day is meant to be enjoyable, so if people are enjoying themselves, then I’m satisfied,” said Stedman.

Nicholson talked about the activities that will be played.

“We have come up with a pretty wide selection of games,” said CAEB President Justin Nicholson.

According to Nicholson, the games include “haggis toss, paper airplanes, and battleship.”

The event will be open to all students, and Student Senate will participate as a unit, according to Stedman.

“We also have a lot more helping hands this time around, which is great considering we didn’t have this many volunteers in the past. It gives me the belief that this semester’s Welcome Day will run smoothly, and will be better than ever,” said Stedman.

In regards to the Welcome Day event, Stedman added that the games should be a enjoyable experience for students.

“As for the games, I’m looking forward to them. We have some new ones and some returning ones from previous club days, which I think will be entertaining for students,” said Stedman.

There will be two teams, represented by Nicholson and Stedman.

Stedman will represent Team Sparta while Nicholson will be on Team Athens.

I’m personally really into Greek mythology and Ancient Greek history, so while I love both Athens and Sparta, Sparta has just been calling to me from the beginning,” said Stedman.

Nicholson said that he appreciated the support of Student Senate to join in on the Club Day event.

“Im encouraged by the willingness to participate by the Student Senate,” said Nicholson.