CAEB plans for Welcome Day

Clubs and Events Board (CAEB) President Justin Nicholson (left) with Teresa Bergman (right) discusses the agenda for the Sept. 6, 2016 CAEB meeting in the board room. (Photo by Robert Hansen)

American River College’s Clubs and Events Board (CAEB) discussed plans for Welcome Day and Greek Week Celebrations, an upcoming film festival and a trip to Cosumnes River College (CRC) for the annual Leadership Summit meeting with other Los Rios College associates.

CAEB President Justin Nicholson talked about his hopes for good energy on Welcome Day.

“This is the day where we come together and welcome new students, try to make this club day a more boisterous one,” said Nicholson.

The Welcome Day event will be open to all ARC students to participate in activities and compete for prizes during the Greek Week celebrations.

Nicholson explained the purpose of the event’s mission.

“Get them (students) exposed to life on campus and different activities,” said Nicholson.

CAEB Vice President Mary Stedman said that “people work together on teams,” when she described what students would do at the upcoming Club Day event.

Another topic discussed was the upcoming film festival, in which Stedman said that student films could help demonstrate a variety of films to be seen.

Nicholson said that films should have “no explicit content, such as nudity and gore because it might trigger some students.”

A five dollar gift card could be a possible prize for students that participate in the film festival according to Nicholson.

Some CAEB members are preparing to attend the Leadership Summit event on Sept. 23 and 24.

The LRC Leadership Summit will be held at CRC as a networking opportunity for other colleges within the Sacramento area.

This will bring together all four ASB members from Sacramento City College, Folsom Lake College, Cosumnes River College, and ARC  to “consult with each other,” said Advisor Juan Blanco.

“It is a confluence of students of the Associated Student Body,” said Nicholson “An opportunity to get trained on better ways to use our resources.”

The assembly was held last year at ARC and “rotates” annually.


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