March in March difficulties, Club Day discussed at CAEB


CAEB President Justin Nicholson expresses his excitment for the upcoming events at ARC's first Club Day as Vice President Mary Stedman listens. The Club Day will have a Valentine's theme.

Robert Hansen

American River College students will likely not be able participate in the march from Raley Field to the capitol at next month’s “March in March” event, according to Director of Finance Jeremy Diefenbacher.

March in March is an annual event that that takes place in Sacramento as a mass demonstration to support California’s public universities and colleges.

“March in March might be cancelled,” said Diefenbacher at yesterday’s CAEB meeting.

The permit that is necessary to allow students to participate in the march has not been and likely will not be acquired, however students will still be able to attend the rally.

“We’re still going to go,” said Diefenbacher “even if it is (cancelled).”

Students who wish to participate in the rally will need to reserve their seat as sign-ups will hopefully begin by the end of this week, according to CAEB President Justin Nicholson.

In addition to the March in March, CAEB members present at the meeting discussed Club Day.

Club Day will be held on Thursday, Feb. 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the theme “Love Through the Ages,” according to Nicholson.

Each club will will chose to represent people in love across different time periods.

Several games are in the works for the semester’s first Club Day.

There will be a Cupid’s Arrow game and a Pin the Kiss on the Lips game with chocolate candy given as prizes.

Another idea is an Aphrodite fortune telling booth where Aphrodite herself will give you a glimpse of your romantic future, according to Nicholson.

“We just want it to be really fun,” said Nicholson

CAEB will accept donations for a club that is helping the homeless of Sacramento, according to advisor Juan Miguel Blanco.

“They bring them lunch bags, sleeping bags and jackets,” Blanco said.