Senate discusses student safety


Student Senate President Garrett Kegel, left, Clubs and Events Board President Justin Nicholson, Sen. Kevin Phan and Sen. Laurie Jones discuss student concerns Thursday over the universal transit pass Measure A. Voting will take place Sept. 22-23 on eServices. (Photo by Jordan Schauberger)

Jordan Schauberger

The Associated Student Body Student Senate Thursday discussed concerns about student safety on campus, appointed several more members to the board and approved $300 to send 20 students to the Reclaim Higher Education conference later in the month.

President Garrett Kegel was present at the meeting after missing Tuesday’s Clubs and Events Board (CAEB) meeting due to undisclosed medical reasons.

“I’m okay,” said President Kegel. “Just doing the doctor thing right now.”

ASB adviser Juan Miguel Blanco repeated that he will not be advising the group after next semester.

“That sucks,” said Kegel. “I’m at a loss for words.”

There were several new appointments during the meeting, including the appointment of Sen. Kevin Phan to the position of director of activities.

Senators David Hylton, James Cortwight, Laurie Jones, Senate Vice President Sam Kinsey, CAEB Vice President Mary Stedman and American River College student Nancy Lopez were all appointed to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC).

During the public comment section of the meeting, Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Region 2 Sen. Chris Recouvreur voiced his concern for ARC’s representation at Region 2 meetings under delegate and Director of Finance David Hylton.

“He (Hylton) called into the meeting to yell at the chair (Harvey Gunderman) and when we told him to e-mail us his concerns he hung up on us,” said Sen. Recouvreur. “Instead of representing ARC, he took his feelings and silenced ARC.”

“I’d like to first state that it wasn’t an official meeting since they (Region 2 board) didn’t make quorum,” said Director Hylton in response to Sen. Recouvreur’s claim. “Harvey (Gunderman) has on multiple occasions and to multiple people been condescending towards me and when someone belittles you it’s hard to stay calm.”

The issue that Director Hylton called to express concern about was the eligibility for executives on the Region 2 board.

Sergeant Mike Olson of the Los Rios Police Department came to the meeting to discuss concern students have had over safety on campus.

“We’ve received a lot of concern about safety following the Sac City shooting,” said Sgt. Olson. “We’re available to talk at all times.”

The board approved a bill to allocate $300 for up to 20 students to attend the Reclaim Higher Education conference on Sept. 26.

The Reclaim Higher Education conference is a platform to help the push for going back to the original plan for higher education in California, which included free community college.