Senate donates funds so other schools can attend General Assembly


Joseph Daniels and Joseph Daniels

The Associated Student Body Student Senate passed a bill Thursday to donate funds to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges, with the recommendation that those funds be given to Woodland Community College and Lake Tahoe Community College so those schools can attend General Assembly.

ARC cannot give money to a school directly, said Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB Student Senate president.

“We can give it to them, but as a loan,” said Dunning. “This is a very small college, also so is LTC, a loan is already prohibitive.”

Dunning said that the General Assembly was initially scheduled to be somewhere in Northern California, but was changed at the last second to be held in Ontario, California.

“Lake Tahoe has been very helpful to us with March in March,” said ASB Senate Director of Finance Laurie Jones. “Woodland is just newly active, so I think it benefits the entire state community college system and American River College to help them attend this event.

Dean of Student Development Manuel Perez advised the board that it is a possibility that SSCCC may use the donated money for other purposes.

“If they go in a different direction, which at this point they have the opportunity to do, we can’t tell them what to do,” said Perez.

Perez said that he hopes the board does not make it a habit of helping out other schools by making it a go to option of donating money.

He suggested that the ASB Student Senate could help either mentoring other schools’ student governments, have programs sharing leadership summits or visit other schools.

Yuba Community College District Student Trustee Jesse Foster said that he is excited that WCC has a chance to be able to attend General Assembly. It will be the first time that WCC will be able to attend the conference, according to Foster.

Unlike ARC, WCC does not have student representation fees.

The board passed a bill to hand out school supplies such as scantrons for finals week. It was also amended to allow for snacks to be passed out.

Kalynn Snyder was sworn after being appointed to the board on March 27.