ASB boards tackle Club Day, elections


Alex Panasenko

CAEB Director of Activities Leslie Ann Dameron, right, shows CAEB President Jeremy Diefenbacher, left, a shirt for this week's Club Day.

Alex Panasenko and Alex Panasenko

This week’s elections and the upcoming Club Day were among the biggest topics discussed at the Associated Student Body Student Senate and Clubs and Events Board meetings Tuesday.

Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB Student Senate president, discussed the Rock the Vote events that are taking place on campus during the election time. There is an event today in front of the Student Center from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Senate Director of Public Relations Cameron Weaver asked if candidates could campaign at Rock The Vote.

“Candidates cannot campaign to someone in line,” Dunning said, but candidates can distribute flyers at the event.

During a public comment section, Shayana Mendes brought up a concern that the voting tab in eServices is too small. Dunning offered to speak about the issue with Mendes after the meeting.

“Senate doesn’t design the website,” Dunning said after the meeting. “(Mendes) brought it up, which is good. My offer to her is good, to meet with me or Manuel (Perez) so that we can get her in touch with the right person to handle it.”

Senate did a second reading of a motion to allocate funds to Lake Tahoe Community College and Woodland Community College to attend General Assembly.

Dunning thanked members of the board who attended all of the Senate meetings.

The meeting discussed a motion, introduced by Sen. Richard Dean, to have a bag giveaway for finals week which would include pencils, scantrons, blue books and pencils. The bill is to be further discussed at the next meeting.

ASB Senate passed a bill to fund an end-of-the-year banquet. ASB will be volunteering students to attend.

At the CAEB meeting, Dunning talked about the upcoming Spring 2015 General Assembly and about the upcoming Valor Games event, which scheduled for Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

During an interview after the meeting, LeslieAnn Dameron said that Valor Games are “a veteran advocacy event because we have so many veterans on our campus.”

Dameron said the Veteran Resources center will be getting out information and that there will be games and an obstacle course.

“It’s a veteran advocacy event where it’s going to be a little more fun,” Dameron said.

Bill S15-17, the Fashion Club funding request, passed.

Dameron talked about registration for Color Run and showed how to purchase tickets online.

Dameron said that “Fitness, fun and team building” were ample reasons to attend.

Raven Jones of Improv Club extended an invitation to attend their meeting on Friday.