Breaking News: Court date for mace attacker postponed due to ‘psychotic episode’

Travis Lanning, seen here posing with the mace that he used to attack a woman and her dog Monday, posted numerous similar photos to his public Facebook account two weeks before the incident.

Travis Lanning, the Sacramento man who attacked a woman and her dog with a medieval-style mace on Monday morning, was scheduled to make his first court appearance on Wednesday afternoon, but was unable to be transferred to the courtroom due to a psychotic episode.

Sgt. Lisa Bowman of the sheriff’s department said that they could not comment on the nature of the psychotic episode, but Lanning’s court appearance was rescheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Lanning, 34, is being charged with a felony count of attempted murder, a change from the initial charge, which was assault with a deadly weapon.

The story of Lanning’s attack has risen on the media’s radar since first initially being reported by Sacramento media outlets, with stories now being posted in New York, L.A., and the U.K.

Lanning is a former American River College student who claims on his personal Facebook account to have obtained a degree from ARC in computer science, and to have left the school in 2014.

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