ASB Notebook: Accusations flare at ASB Senate meeting as elections draw near


Joseph Daniels and Joseph Daniels

Sen. David Hylton accused Sen. Garrett Kegel of having an ulterior motive for proposing the bill that enforces term limits on Associated Student Body Student Senate members as elections quickly approaches.

According to Robert’s Rules of Order, a person who voted for the bill must be the one to motion for reconsideration, said Dean of Student Development Manuel Perez.

“(Robert’s Rules of Order) are created for the purpose for allowing public notice for a potential decision to be made, and if we feel there is a mistake being made, then it comes from the prevailing side,” Perez said.

Hylton said that he is suspicious that the person who wrote the bill for the term limits is now running for ASB Student Senate president.

It has been confirmed by Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB Student Senate president, that David Hylton will be running for ASB Student Senate president.

“The reason why I think he’s trying to do this is because David Hylton does want to run as Student Senate president, and the term limits are actually in his way,” said Kegel.

Kegel said one of the reasons why he wants to pass term limits is to prevent Jorge Riley from running again for a position within the Senate.

Riley was elected ASB Student Senate president in last spring’s election over Dunning by a margin of 62 votes, but his election was invalidated for reasons the administration and the ASB have not disclosed.

“We had candidates that committed campaign violations last election,” said Kegel. “To be honest anyone who commits an election violation is probably someone who shouldn’t be running in the first place.”

ASB Student Senate Director of Public Relations Cameron said that he now intends to run for ASB student trustee.

Sen. Samuel Kinsey confirmed in a previous interview that he seeks to run for vice president.

The campaign period will open up from April 6- 15, and elections will be held on April 14-15.

“I think it’s my destiny, it’s my time, to keep moving up,” said Kinsey. “I think vice president would be great for me just because I’m aggressive, I know I’m a born leader, and I can lead others.”

The Spring 2015 General Assembly of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges will be held in Ontario, California between May 1 and 3. The legislation introduced allows up to six students and two advisors to attend to the tune of $7,500.

The General Assembly was a source of controversy last semester after two high-ranking members of ASB, which included Hylton, were sent home early after an incident “regarding substances,” according to Weaver.

Some of the issues that the event will highlight are student veterans issues, students who lost registration priority, veterans mental health and veterans having to pay non-residential fees.