Senate censures two members at Thursday meeting


Joseph Daniels and Joseph Daniels

Clubs and Events Board President Jeremy Diefenbacher and former Student Senate director of activities David Hylton were censured at the most recent meeting of the Associated Student Body Student Senate.

The censure comes on the heels of the two being sent home from a conference in Los Angeles after an incident “regarding substances,” according to Senate director of public relations Cameron Weaver.

The censure had been pushed back to this meeting as there was not enough time to do it during the last meeting.

It was stated during the meeting that Hylton reimbursed his travel funds to attend General Assembly.

Senators wanted to make it publicly known during the process that while they support Diefenbacher, they do not condone the behavior he exhibited at General Assembly.

The censures Deifenbacher and Hylton passed unanimously, with the exception of Diefenbacher and Hylton, who abstained from voting against each other.

“I would like him to believe he’s not being vilified by the senate,” said Leslie Milan Fisher, ASB student senate vice president, on Diefenbacher.

“I have noticed working with him in the Senate that students that might be are a little more shy, a little more quiet, they gravitate towards him,” Weaver said. “He is like a light, with the flies, and they move right towards it.”

“I think it’s the right of student senate. It’s in the law of the senate,” said Hylton on the censure.

“I just wanted to thank the student senate for their continued support,” said Diefenbacher. “I look forward to ending the year stronger than ever.”

Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB Student Senate president, discussed the March in March.

“I want to thank everybody who participated,” said Dunning.

Dean of Student Development Manuel Perez said that he thought the March in March was a success.

Perez said that ASB had more information events that lead up to the most recent March in March rally than the previous last seven years.

Dunning was elected to be apart of the elections committee along with with Fierce CAEB representative Brittaney Hilleson.