Deadline for graduation around the corner

The deadline for students to submit their petitions for graduation and certificate(s) is quickly approaching, and counselors and students are working together to ensure students meet all the requirements necessary to walk across the stage in May.

Sigrid Menarg, a counselor on campus, said, “March 6 will be the firm deadline,” for spring 2015 applications for graduation.

The first degree a student can receive at the community college level is an associates degree. An associates degree is a completion of 60 general education units with a minimum of a C or better.

In order to graduate, one must make an appointment with a counselor to ensure all classes have been completed.

Menarg spoke of how the counseling center is more impacted during this time due to the deadline approaching.

Camryn Miller, an American River College student, didn’t know until last minute about the upcoming deadline.

“I found out last night”, said Miller. “Thats why I’m here (at the counseling center) today”.

She plans on transferring to San Jose State University to major in Animation after obtaining her Arts New Media associates degree at ARC.

A commencement ceremony is held each May for any students who have obtained such degree within the school year if they choose.

In order to participate in the commencement ceremony or even just to obtain the degree student must petition in order to move onto the next step.

“When the counselor is finished they take the petition next door to enrollment services and submit it for graduation, “ said Menarg.

“Then they are given all of the information on cap and gown rental and are contacted before graduation, which is in May.”

Although graduation is free, students must purchase or rent the cap and gown.

The counseling office is open Monday-Thursday from 7:30a.m.-7p.m. and Fridays from 7:30 a.m.-5p.m.

Appointments are taken roughly every two weeks and walk in appointments are also available daily.

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