CAEB plans next month’s outer space club day


John Ferrannini and John Ferrannini

Thursday’s abbreviated meeting of the Clubs and Events Board included information on the upcoming color run at American River College and planning of next month’s club day.

The 5k color run originally scheduled for Feb. 28 has been moved to Apr. 18.

CAEB Director of Activities LeslieAnn Dameron said she doesn’t know why. This is the second time the color run has been delayed by ColorDash5k, the company putting on the run.

“The first time was because of the weather,” said Dameron. “We have no idea why now.”

CAEB is sponsoring a team that will run in the 5k, the proceeds of which are going to the American River College Foundation.

A bill was introduced, though not voted on or discussed, that would plan the March 19 Club Day and spend an amount not to exceed $500.

CAEB previously decided to utilize an outer space theme for the upcoming Club Day. The members of the board suspended parliamentary procedure to speculate on what this could mean.

“I think we should talk to the Discovery Museum off of Watt, get maybe like a gyroscope,” said CAEB President Jeremy Diefenbacher. “I think it’d be cool to have a science fair, we haven’t done an event celebrating the science department yet.”

“Model U.N. last year had the committee about (the) peaceful occupation of space,” said David Hylton, CAEB director of finance. “We could do something about that, like how to colonize space.”

CAEB members felt confident in the Club Day that was held on Feb. 12 outside the student center.

“It was fun. It’s always nice to see the excitement and all the different tables at the first club day,” said Dameron. “It felt very college. It was a nice day.”

Fierce Vice President Justin Nicholson said that he was also satisfied with the event. Fierce, the LGBTQ student organization on campus, won the toga costume competition.

“It was wonderful and exhausting in the most wonderful way,” said Nicholson, who helped make a statue of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. “It felt more like a party than previous club days. It was my favorite.”

The board also decided to approve a ballot resolution in this semester’s election for ASB officers that would propose an amendment to the ARC Constitution creating a position for a director of sustainability.

The proposed position, also approved by Senate to be placed on the ballot, would be in charge of environmentally friendly initiatives on campus.

CAEB is meeting again next Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in the club rooms of the student center.