Attendance is becoming a recurring problem at recent ASB meetings


Joseph Daniels and Joseph Daniels

The Associated Student Body Student Senate swore in a new senator while voting another one onto the board on their meeting on Feb. 10.

Richard Dean, a first semester student, was sworn in and Dan Massey was unanimously voted in as a senator.

Massey said he wanted to learn about politics and get involved with the college through ASB.

“I was interested to get involved in the college, some of the the ins and outs on how the policies worked, how they are processed, and how they are implemented,” he said.

Massey made it known that he is very interested in joining the technology committee when he when asked by the board.

ASB student senator Garret Kegel said he voted for Massey because he was tactful in his answers.

“I asked him one question, and he answered the question perfectly. I asked him how the school could improve, and he gave them two (answers),” he said.

Massey said he wants to improve school grounds, and ARC’s website, saying he is knowledgeable in web design.

Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB student senate president, said that the senate has to work on its attendance.

“We need everyone to come on time ready to get to work,” she said.

Director of Public Relations Cameron Weaver arrived late to the meeting, and when asked, responded that he didn’t have a legitimate reason for being late.

“I have also come (sic) in late, or I like entered and exited continuously,” said ASB senator Jose Garcia. “We should probably stay the whole time, and come in time, because we are supposed to be professional as student leaders.”

Garcia said that he was sure the reason Weaver missed the ASB meeting is that he had “pressing matters to attend to”.

Nobel laureate Carol Greider’s visit to American River College on Mar. 16 was also discussed at the meeting.

Dunning confirmed that later in the semester that there will be nameplates to identify each member of ASB.

Items 9.1-9.3 were moved onto the next senate meeting, which included a bill on the term limits, March in March and a bill titled “Advocacy Travel Reimbursement”.