Senate task force to plan March in March


Miranda Bolar

Samuel Kinsey, originally from Arizona State University, was sworn into the Associated Student Body student senate on Tuesday.

John Ferrannini and Miranda Bolar

By Miranda Bolar and John Ferrannini

The ASB student senate passed a resolution creating a task force to plan American River College’s participation in the upcoming March in March.

The March in March is an annual community college advocacy event that occurs at the state capitol and is scheduled this year for March 2.

While the event typically included a march along J street from the tower bridge to the capitol steps, that may not be occurring this year according to Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB student senate president.

The traditional speeches on the capitol steps will still go on.

“It’s absolutely disappointing. I personally have a very huge issue with it,” said Director of Public Relations Cameron Weaver.

The task force will have “the authority to decide what objects need to be given away, where we are going to meet, I’m not sure of everything that would need to be done,” according to David Hylton, the ASB student senate director of activities.

Senate also passed a resolution that, if approved by the Clubs and Events Board, would amend the ASB constitution to add a position for a director of sustainability.

According to the resolution, the director of sustainability would “ensure that the student senate procedures and daily operations are as environmentally friendly as possible.”

Senate passed a standing rule that would allow for the student senate president to give out certificates or trophies that would recognize worthy students and others connected to the ARC community.

David Hylton spoke out in favor of the standing rule.

“There’s something better you can present someone for their accomplishments than a resolution. An award or a little trophy is better than a resolution with a bunch of words,” he said. “Give them something they can mount on their wall and be appreciative over.”

David Hylton spoke against a measure that would put term limits on ASB student senate president, vice president, and director of finance.

“I don’t believe that in the community college system term limits are reasonable,” said Hylton. “I don’t understand why you would limit our constituents. As long as the public says they’re fit, they should be able to run as many times as possible.”

Former ARC president Marie Smith presented to the senate that Dr. Carol Greider, a 2009 Nobel laureate in medicine and physiology, will be speaking March 16.

Greider will be speaking at two different times that day, 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Samuel Kinsey was sworn in to the senate after being appointed to the board last week.

“It was wonderful. It’s good to get a different flow. I love being on the ARC board,” he said.

Richard Dean, who was appointed to the board last week, was not present at the meeting.