Storm will not affect classes, school says


Arcade Creek, which runs under the Winding Way bridge, typically runs high during heavy rainfall, which may result in flooding on Winding Way. Students are advised to “plan for travel delays,” according to an email sent by the school.

Barbara Harvey and Barbara Harvey

The anticipated storm, which forecasts predict will begin this evening, will not affect classes, according to an ARC notification emailed to students.

“At this time, American River College has no plans to cancel class or suspend campus operations, but please plan for travel delays and use caution when driving on roadways and moving around campus,” the email said.

The email adds that, because Arcade Creek typically runs high during heavy rainfall, access to campus via Winding Way may be cut off due to flooding.

Los Rios public information officer Scott Crow said that students will be notified of any class cancellations or campus closures.

“If things change, we will update students with Los Rios Alert,” Crow said.

Students who wish to receive Los Rios Alert messages can do so by clicking the “Los Rios Alert Signup Page” link on their eServices home page and providing current contact information.