Sac County Sheriffs and campus police search construction site for trespasser

In what was described by deputies as a search for a possible thief in an open construction site, approximately half a dozen police vehicles, including both campus police and Sacramento County Sheriffs, descended onto the east side of American River College’s main campus Saturday afternoon, near the theater and administration buildings.

No suspects were found in the search. According to a deputy on the scene, the Sheriff’s Department was called in by campus police for assistance after hearing reports that somebody was attempting to steal materials from the construction site.

For around half an hour, both deputies and campus police surrounded the building while a group of officers, deputies and a K9 dog searched the building and surrounding area.

According to ARC public information officer Scott Crow, the building has been the site of multiple trespassings since construction began over a year ago.

The Current will update the story when more information becomes available.

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