Suspects in Tuesday’s campus robbery match suspects in thwarted robbery last month

An earlier version of this story included the license plate number of the suspected vehicle, which has been omitted so as not to interfere with an ongoing police investigation.

Suspects in a robbery that occurred on the American River College campus Tuesday match the description of suspects in a robbery that occurred near campus last month.

According to police, at approximately noon, a female student was asked by a black man and a black woman in a car if they could borrow her cell phone.

They offered her money but she refused and offered them her phone. Once the suspects had the phone, they drove away onto Myrtle Avenue, but not before the victim wrote down their license plate number on her hand.

The car was described as a “silver Jaguar S-Type” by a witness.

Scott Crow, ARC’s public relations officer, gave tips to students.

“Call (campus) police if someone asks to borrow your phone,” said Crow. “The police would rather have 100 bad tips than miss one good one.”

Crow said that the incident is similar to one that occurred on the evening of Oct. 10.

“The M.O. is the same,” he said.

Last month on Myrtle Avenue, a black man and woman asked an ARC student if they could use the student’s phone. They attempted to drive away with the phone, but the student put their hand in the open car window and retrieved their phone.

During that incident, the suspected couple were in a green four door vehicle. The man was in his 30s and wore a gray t-shirt. The woman was also in her 30s and, according to the police report, had “long small braids gathered into a ponytail, wearing colorful clothing.”

Campus police will be handling the investigation into Tuesday’s crime.

The Current will update this story as more information becomes available.

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