CAEB President apologizes for remarks aimed at transgender people

Clubs and Events Board President Jeremy Diefenbacher apologized at Tuesdays meeting for an insensitive comment directed at transgender people.

“‘Shoot our trannies’ is not what I meant,” said Diefenbacher. “At General Assembly, I asked how to better represent them. It is something that needs a little more sensitivity.”

Diefenbacher said “shoot our trannies” in response to Fierce representative Brittaney Hilleson mentioning that the Nov. 20 Club Day coincides with the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to remember transgender people who were killed by violence due to their gender identity.

Dean of Student Development Manuel Perez compared CAEB’s advocacy efforts to those of students who were killed by drug cartels in Mexico.

He encouraged CAEB members to be aware of the kidnapping and murders that occurred in September.

“You all are student leaders, there’s no request for you to engage in anything, but I think if you are having a huge celebration which is a moment of happiness and celebration and we’re also going to be gathering around our advocacy efforts to give money towards a non-profit organization, you have to realize that we live in a place where we’re able to organize and advocate for things and there is no worry that on Thursday, for your efforts in doing that, you will be abducted or murdered,” Perez said.

CAEB voted to wear black on Club Day in honor of the slain students and to wear armbands in commemoration of the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Duke Ellingson, a representative from the Native American Student Union, spoke out against the proposed Keystone pipeline carrying oil from Canada to the United States, saying that it “would be seen as an act of war” against the Sioux tribe.

Senate approved $150 for the Model United Nations club to attend a conference in San Francisco from April 17 to 21 of next year. The total cost of that trip is projected to be $12,700.

Diefenbacher read a statement from Director of Activities LeslieAnn Dameron, who was absent at the meeting, encouraging clubs to take part at the line dancing competition at Club Day.

“The internet is an excellent resource for dance tutorials,” said the statement.

Diefenbacher said that clubs who want to participate must email Dameron by Nov. 19 with their dance routine and song choice.

The dance competition will be judged by CAEB, who will award $50 to the club that wins. The winner as chosen by students will also receive $50 for their club.

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John Ferrannini is a fourth-semester student on the Current, where he serves as Editor-in-chief. He previously served as managing editor and News editor. John is majoring in journalism and plans to transfer to Sacramento State.

1 Comment on "CAEB President apologizes for remarks aimed at transgender people"

  1. I read the first couple paragraphs of this story, which sort of pertained to the headline, then it just trails off. Ive read it twice, and still do not understand in what context he said “shoot the trannies”. That was the basis for the story right? Then where is that answered?

    It doesnt look like an apology, and it doesn’t clarify what “shoot our trannies” means, in what context, because you only said that it was in response to Fierce (What is this? no explanation)represenative Brttney said. For instance, if you led in with the statement Brittney made that the CAEB president was responding to, it would hed some more light on this.

    Offering to shoot a group of people requires either an explanation, or an apology. Just saying it “needs a little more sensitivity” isn’t adequate.

    How much longer is this school going to stay accredited??

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