Former Folsom Lake VP denied Student Senate position

The former ASB Student Senate vice president for Folsom Lake College was denied a seat on the American River College Student Senate at a condensed meeting Thursday.

Gerald Sturgill said that his presentation to the board could have been better.

“They don’t have enough information,” Sturgill said. “I was a little unprepared. I could possibly get it back on the agenda in a future meeting. I didn’t want to boast or anything.”

Director of Public Relations Cameron Weaver asked Sturgill if he ever let personal conflicts interfere with his duties as Student Senate vice president for Folsom Lake.

“Have personal relationships blended into business?” asked Weaver.

“Of course, you can’t separate those two. I tried to, but yes, they blended,” said Sturgill.

Sturgill was rejected with several abstentions and only two yes votes after Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB Student Senate president, said “if I’m recommending appointment, my answer would have to be no.”

The Senate also discussed how they will vote on resolutions to appear at the General Assembly for California Community College Student Senates to take place in Los Angeles this weekend.

The Senate decided that the ARC delegation will vote against a measure that would localize the March in March and a measure that would advocate for proportional representation in the California State Legislature.

The Senate decided that the ARC delegation will vote in favor of a measure that would come out against Proposition 13, the property tax freeze from 1978. Director of Legislative Affairs Kenneth Hinton said that Prop. 13 stifles funding for education.

The Senate continued to congratulate themselves on holding a meeting in the Starbucks lobby last week.

“Lots of people were very impressed with your effort to bring things out to the carpet, pun intended,” said Perez.

Members of the Senate were interested in holding meetings in the Student Center more often.

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