Diefenbacher wants ‘Brokeback Mountain’ at country-themed Club Day


John Ferrannini and John Ferrannini

The Clubs and Events Board swore in a new vice president at an abridged meeting on Thursday.

CAEB President Jeremy Diefenbacher was excited to see Garett Kegal join the board.

“We’re so excited to have a board filled with eager beavers, pun intended,” said Diefenbacher.

CAEB is planning to host a “Rodeo Hoedown” themed Club Day on Thursday, Nov. 20.

The bill approving money for the event has not yet been approved, but the amount of money at hand has been increased from $500 to $750.

Director of Activities LeslieAnn Dameron announced that the clubs will participate in a line dancing contest. She said that participants don’t have to be good at dancing to participate.

“It’s your creativity, it’s how you work it,” she said.

Diefenbacher was confused as to the nature of the line dance.

“I think of lines vertically, like a pole. Oh, you mean like horizontally?” he asked.

Dean of Student Development Manuel Perez said that the Club Day will probably be held inside of the Student Center rather than in the traditional outside location.

Director of Communications Konstantin Rurouni advertised that the engineering club table will be giving dog tags to veterans for free.

“For any veteran that comes to our table and shows their military I.D., we will give you two dog tags of your choice for free,” said Rurouni. “We will — to everyone else — be selling them. 100 percent of the proceeds will be going to the Wounded Warrior Project.”

Diefenbacher said that he plans to show his country spirit on Club Day, and he wants Fierce, ARC’s LGBTQA club, to have a “Brokeback Mountain” theme.

“I’m gonna wear Daisy Duke overalls,” he said. “Fierce, come on guys, we want ‘Brokeback Mountain’ real-ness.”